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Everything here comes from within a 100 mile radius... even me! :)

Although there's a bottling plant down the road, Diet Coke is still not allowed here. :(

This apple and strawberry juice is acceptable, however.

Almonds and olives

Oops. Thought this was being offered as a freebie entree. It should've been clearer. I usually only eat complimentary entrees.

The almonds have a nice earthy spice mix on them, and the olives are mild and pleasant. I just don't want to eat this many nibbles.

Pork belly sliders

Mustard aioli + sweet pickle + sprout slaw.

This dish almost tastes like Asian food. The bun is uninspiring, but the pork tastes like Asian restaurant fried pork, which isn't bad. The condiments on here create a tangy sauce. I don't know what I'm eating, but it doesn't taste bad.

There's a line of salt and four drops of balsamic vinegar. I'm not sure how to get these drops into my burger, but I do manage to get one onto my sleeve.

Smoked salmon and dill terrine

With garlic aioli.

The salmon here is raw or just smoked.

I pile up the little bits, before eating the whole bit in one bite. There's a myriad of different tastes and textures here. The tart aioli has a different taste to the much sourer lemon rind, and the rocket's rough texture contrasts really well with the smooth salmon.

Lenswood apple tart tatin

With Hahndorf Evercream vanilla bean ice cream.

This isn't too much different from an apple pie. It has a soft, layered base of pastry, and the Apple itself is spruced up with something. The apple is sweet and tasty, and it's enhanced by cinnamon or pear juice or something.

The ice cream just has a slightly different vanilla flavour. It's really nothing special. While I'm up here, I might even personally return it to Hahndorf. :)

Interesting place, even if Diet Coke is haram. Has character.