Louca’s Seafood & Grill

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The Top 50 continues. After going to Skyline, my first feeding stretch was the short trip to Hutt St, where I went to a variety of good and bad restaurants. Perhaps my tastes weren’t as fancy back then.

This time around, I’ll try to do the whole list (my Top 50 in this case) in geographical blocks.

While this place is in Urbanspoon’s “$$$” category, a lot of the dishes are fairly pedestrian. The presence of chips is a good indicator that a restaurant isn’t fancy. The waitress is very tolerant of my pickiness.


Grilled with classic white wine and parsley sauce.

The large slab of salmon doesn’t have any kind of char or crispiness to it. It’s just a piece if cooked fish. It’s also very undercooked in its centre. A waiter confirms this, when I point it out. The sauce is just a regular creamy kind of sauce.

The chips are just chips, and I use the dregs of white sauce to enhance their flavour slightly. The salad is severely under-dressed. I taste a vinegar-based dressing on the first mouthful, but the rest of the salad is just wet lettuce. Some of the leaves are very bitter, so a proper dressing was really needed here.


Creamy egg custard topped with caramel sauce & almond flakes.

The yellow layer on top is honey. That’s not really standard for a creme caramel. The custard underneath has that “crumbly” texture that a proper creme caramel custard has, but this isn’t really a creme caramel. The custard also has a fine grain to it. When the almonds are introduced, it’s just too much. The flavours of the almonds, honey, and custard just don’t go together very well.

Despite all this, a glass of random sweet stuff isn’t terrible. :)

:) :)
Very fast. Attentive staff.