Louca's Seafood Grill

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Time to hit the Hutt. :)

Haven't been particularly impressed on my previous visits to Louca's, but I'm giving them another try. :)

Barramundi steak

Chargrilled Cone Bay salt water barramundi on salad greens.

The fish is firm and tasty, but I'm sure I can taste coriander here. I check twice, but they assure me it's not in there.

It's possible it's the parsley, but I don't mind parsley, and when I eat all the parsley at once, I don't get the coriander taste. Sometimes, places will use herb mixes or other components that contain coriander, and not realise it.

Maybe I've just gone mad with hunger. :)

The salad and beans are nice and simple, with a bit of oil and lemon.

This dish either contains coriander, which is poor form, given that I requested otherwise, or it contains some other very pungent and unusual taste. Either way, not good.

Would have been 7/10 otherwise.

Berry Delight Panna Cotta

This is how I like panna cotti. The berries on top are just a little bit tart, and have a good, strong flavour. The custardy bit underneath is just moderately sweet, and has a strong milky taste. These opposite tastes are what I like in panna cotti.

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