Maiz & Mezcal

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For a suburban restaurant on a rainy night, there's a lot of people here. At least fifty.

I'm recommended two tapas dishes. I'll consume them from the lounge-like seat I've been allocated.


Totopos with our unique mild pasilla salsa, Mexican cream, lettuce and cheese.

This plate of nachos is extremely difficult to eat. After a while, I develop an optimal strategy of using the fork to pile feed onto the corn chips, which I hold in my hand.

None of the components here are anything special in their own right, but they do go together nicely. The strips of meat and lettuce are topped with gravy and cream, but the strong taste here is the salty corn chip flavour, which enhances all the other ingredients.

Early on in this feed, I miscalculated the ratio of slop to chips. I piled lots of slop onto each corn chip. Later, I discovered a hidden central cache of corn chips, but I'd already used up almost all the slop.


Chargrilled marinated pork fillets, beans with roasted pineapple, onion, fresh coriander (purged) & red salsa, cream and cheese.

There's some very tasty marinated meat in here, but this is a very heavy dish. It's bread, meat, cheese, and mashed beans. The end result is an indistinct mass of semi-solid feed. The strongest flavour here is the sour cream.


Vanilla ice cream topped with a Mezcal tamarind syrup in a crispy sweet tortilla. Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

The Mezcal syrup adds a tang and sweetness to the dessert. The cinnamon adds another layer of taste, but I'm not sure about the taco base. It's slightly corny, just like me. :) It's very crispy, and hard to break, but it makes the dish very reminiscent of eating a Cornetto ice cream.

Staff very attentive. Posted between rooms, keeping an eye out. Comfy seat.