Maiz & Mezcal

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After a gruelling evening trying on fashions at Country Road, I'm famished. Time to head to the local Mexican eatery.

I normally order a Diet Coke, but tonight, I'm feeling in the mood for Horchata - a coconut drink with cinnamon.

Beef sandal (huarache)

The bready "masa" base has a nice corny flavour. Just like me. :)

The beef is just cooked meat, and it's not made much more interesting by the corn "masa", or by the undetectable avocado cream spread out on the masa. It's a reasonable combination of foods, but none of them have particularly strong flavours.

The little corn basket is very crispy, and is filled with mushy, tasty beans.

The shot glass contains esquites - a traditional corn kernel soup. It's warm, and is packed with over-the-top flavours, including the lemon I squeeze into it. I wouldn't want any more than this small amount of this soup.

Classic flan

Flan of coconut with Cajeta (goats milk caramel) dusted with chocolate powder.

This is like a very solid custard. I can taste the combination of chocolate and coconut. It tastes like chocolate truffles.

At the bottom is the Cajeta. It's sweet and caramelly, but is liquid, and the goats milk gives it a clearly unusual and slightly offputting (for me) taste.

Friendly, helpful service