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This place is decorated with little canvas squares with notes by presumably famous people written on them in Texta.

Kinky chicken

Crispy tempura chicken breast drizzled with honey mustard mayonnaise sauce with walnut and rocket.


This is chicken, but with the same batter you find on the fish in fish in fish and chips.

It's sauce is a cross between tartare sauce and the honey lemon sauce you get with honey lemon chicken.

The little salad has a tangy, oily sauce.

This isn't quite up to fancy restaurant standard, but a plate of slightly refined honey lemon chicken isn't too bad. The main problem was that this dish wasn't varied. It was mostly just battered chicken. A regular honey lemon chicken has vegetables mixed in.

Crème brûlée

Creamy custard dessert topped with torched caramel.

You can't get much more Korean than crème brûlée.

None of the desserts here are Korean.

The toffee on this creme curler is too thick, but it crumbles easily, so this is less of a problem. I assume it's aerated or has some kind of impurity, because it's not the usual glassy stuff that locks your teeth together. Analysing a shard of my toffee under a light is attracting attention.

The custard has a nice eggy taste, but isn't particularly outstanding. It's also a bit on the runny side.

I'm not sure what this blueberry and these lines of sauce are for. I couldn't scoop them into the creme brulee, and they don't have anything to go with. Maybe they're just decoration.

They're kind of like a sweet and a sour jam, but runnier. I don't need to eat them.

:( :(
Parking. Nearby car park, or fair walk from further west.