Mapo Korean Restaurant

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On Gouger St. This place has normal tables, and also sunken tables, where you're sitting in the floor. However, the whole area for the sunken tables is in a platform that's raised up off the floor. Therefore, anyone at the "sunken" tables is actually sitting at the same height as everyone else. The only difference is that they're surrounded by the wooden platform. :D

"Star of sea"

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon. Pan seared with SA lake salt and local prawns on a potato croquette with coconut based sweet soy sauce.

The skin of the fish has a slightly plant-y taste to it. Hieever, when it's dipped in the White sauce, this doesn't matter. The sauce is almost exactly like fish and chip show tartare sauce. I don't mind tartare sauce, but it's a simple, very strong flavour, that completely covers up the fish.

The soy prawns, each with a tiny sprinkle of capsicum and onion are interesting by themselves, but unrelated to the rest of the dish.

The croquette is really very boring. It's just mashed potato in a thin crust. There's nothing other than the residual soy sauce to give it any flavour.

This was a lot of work to reproduce some very basic tastes.


Delicious walnut brownie served with two scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This sits somewhere between "brownie" and "chocolate cake". It's a little bit dense, like a brownie, but not enough. I'm expecting something with a very strong chocolate flavour, and this dessert partially achieves that. The occasional slivers of glacé cherry are nice, but there's not quite enough ice cream.

:( :(