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Back at Matsuri. Their sliding door is crap, but the food is good.

Actually, their main courses are extremely good, and their desserts are very mediocre.

Schnapper with yuzu and spring onion

Plus some rices.

Waitress welcomes me back. It's only been about two months since my last visit. It was one if the last destinations in my Top 50.

"Last time, you had beef sashimi," says the waitress.

This is difficult to eat. It's very crispy, and full of fins, spines, and pinbones. The fish is very crumbly, and each piece disintegrates before I can eat it. It's hard enough getting the fish onto my fork, let alone the spring onion, or other garnishes.

The yuzu sauce is potent and inelegant. It's just a strong, tangy citrus flavour, that overpowers any fish taste.

The very elaborate and tangy salad was among the best I've had, but it wasn't the main part of the dish.


Sweet red bean jelly served with premium Japanese tea.

The yokan tastes like date, but slightly fruitier. It has a texture also somewhat similar to date. It's a fairly solid block, that's only slightly gelatinous, but it turns into a paste with very fine granules in my mouth.

It's only slightly sweet, as most genuine east Asian sweets are.

There's nothing unpleasant about these, but there's nothing interesting about them either. Just blocks of date.

I didn't really want the tea, but it came with the dessert. It's basically hot water, but with a faint green tea taste.

:( :(