Maximilians Vineyard

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Another drive into the hills.

This place is a rather imposing house, on its own land. The place is a warren of rooms. I explore a little bit, and find the waitress.

I'm seated next to the fire. :)

Savannah Lamb Shank

Turnip mash, roasted onion, horseradish.

The lamb is a bit on the dry and chewy side, though not excessively, and doesn't have any strong taste.

The turnip purée doesn't have much of a taste either, and a few charred onions taste the same as they did last time I went to a barbecue.

Pineapple creme brulee

With hazelnut biscotti.

I expected that pineapple would be a pleasant taste, but here, it's really not. The custard is runny, not particularly sweet, and has an uneven texture.

The main problem here is that the custard has no custard taste. It's just a pineapple taste, not pineapple custard.

The biscotti isn't bad, however. Very hazelnutty. I pocket it. It will keep me company on the way home. Nothing at all weird about that.

House-made honeycomb, aerated chocolate

These were complimentary after I complained about my dry lamb. :)

He honeycomb has a very honey-ey taste not found in most honeycomb. 7/10

The chocolate is very aerated, and disintegrates in my mouth. It's a pleasant experience. 8/10

Friendly service, open fire, free Petit Fours