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This place is new. It's at the Mayfair Hotel, on King William St, at the west end of Rundle Mall.

I wonder if I have to pay $2000. I've landed on a hotel on Mayfair. :(

Duck and tangerine pie

At this very fancy restaurant, apparently the best dish is… a pie.

There are photographers here, photographing the new restaurant. I'm happy to pose, if they ask nicely.

I get out my iPhone, and show them how a professional does it. Did you know that you can take photos sideways too?

The pie is crispy only on the very exterior. Inside that, the pastry is doughy and pleasant.

The duck, inside, is pleasant too. It could almost be anything, even more doughy pastry. It just acts as a filler on which the mild tang of tangerine can be tasted.

Lemon cheesecake

With berry coulis.

The desserts are brought out on a wheeled tray (picture below.) The waitress goes through all of them.

The chocolate cake has a piece of real gold on it. I wonder if the prospectors in the 1800's ever realised that you could go panning for gold in a chocolate cake.

The cheesecake is like a more solid mousse, but with a light lemon flavour. The berries add a bit of punch, but it's all fairly pedestrian.

:( :(
Classy surroundings
Fancy hotel-level service