Miss Perez Kitchen & Bar

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I grew up in Stirling, and this building used to be our local deli, before everyone realised the supermarket was cheaper, and just as convenient. :)

This restaurant is new. I haven't been here before.

Potato gnocchi

Burnt sage butter, roasted pumpkin.

The waiter tells me good things about burnt butter.

"Gnoc, gnoc."
"Who's there?"

My gnocchi has arrived!

The little plops of gnocchi are pleasant and potatoey, but they have no real texture or interesting taste. Good gnocchi will often be pan-fried, adding texture and taste. This is only lightly fried. Also, there are no other strong-tasting ingredients in here. The pumpkin is just pumpkin, and there really isn't very much of it.

The burnt butter seems to have evaporated. :)

Banoffee pie

Chocolate and Tweedvale double cream.

I'm all ready to make some gag about the name "Banoffee" (presumably some town in France) being a cross between banana and coffee, only to discover that it's actually a cross between banana and toffee. :(

This is a very rich dessert. There's a huge amount of caramel, and abut dollop of cream. Underneath the caramel is a layer of chocolate crumbs, very much like finely crushed biscuit.

This is a really potent and sweet mixture. The caramel and cream would be sickening on their own, but together, and with the banana and chocolate, they become edible.

This kind of sweetness can really enhance the flavour of banana, but there's not quite enough banana present.

:( :(
Service helpful, but almost always completely absent.