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Back at North, the only restaurant at the Adelaide Casino.

Service here is super-polite. You never know whether someone’s a high roller, or just riff-raff, like me. :)


Wrapped in Jamon Serrano.

Panko and parsley crumb, green asparagus, garlic butter, mushroom ragout.

The chicken is infused with spices, and is far from the hunks if chicken it appears to be. The Jamon is like prosciutto, which also adds a kind of bacony flavour, and lots of salt. The very crispy crumbs add more texture. This chicken is so loaded with flavours and textures that it’s hardly even chicken. This isn’t a bad thing, but it certainly is potent. The little nob of butter on top is the butteriest butter I’ve ever tasted. It’s like butter concentrate. The chicken has enough flavour without it, however.

That was quite a bit of feed.


Seasonal strawberries, baked meringue, Chantilly cream, pistachios, strawberry jam.

This is really exactly what it looks like. Strawberries and cream are nice. Some strawberry sorbet is nice too. I can’t complain about the strawberry jam on top either. This dish is like a deconstructed pavlova, but with sorbet. I always have a problem with whole mint leaves in desserts. If you eat a mint leaf, that mouthful tastes totally different to one without a mint leaf.

This was a whole lot of nice bits, that combined to make a whole plate of nice bits.

:( :( :(