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The second restaurant in my Top 5 series.

This is the casino's restaurant. Parking in the actual Casino car park takes you a long way away. I recommend just parking across the road, on North Terrace.

Market Fish (Salmon)

Seaweed butter, sautéed zucchini, radish, green peas and mint, char-grilled Australian prawns.

I always try to extract information from the staff, about what dishes are good, rather than just choose randomly. Sometimes this yields good information, but often I get "Lots of people have been ordering dish X." Sometimes I ask "...and did they like it?" but now I usually don't bother. :)

The prawns are fairly bland, but I'm more interested in the "seaweed butter" that sits atop my fish. I eat some of it, and discover that it tastes as bad as I suspected it might be. It has a strong, mushed-up plant taste, but in the oily texture of melting butter.

There's not a huge amount of taste in the fish, and its texture is inconsistent. On the outside, it's more of the texture of canned tuna, but on the inside, it's too gelatinous. Pink is nice. Gelatinous is not.

The vegetables on the plate have some kind if strange buttery dressing on them. It might be something mundane, but there's something odd on them. It might be bits of seaweed butter, but I don't think it is. My snout is very finely honed these days. :)

Mille Feuille of Chocolate

Sea salt caramel ice cream, wheat biscuits, coconut and lime anglaise, pecan nut brittle.

I cut out vertical pieces if this dessert, not knowing its composition. There are layers of mousse and biscuit here. The cream on top has a lot of salt and brittle chunks in it. This cream is what makes this dessert. All these five components, when eaten together, create a very interesting chocolatey mouthful, with crunchy and salty bits amongst the various tastes.

:( :( :(