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With capsicum puree, beans and potatoes.

I don’t really like seeing huge chunks of unadorned meat on a plate, but these pieces of swordfish surprised me. They were a bit crispy on the outside, but inside, they were soft. The texture was closer to the gelatinous texture of raw fish, but it was perfectly cooked. The beans were just beans, but the bland-looking chunks of potato were actually some much smoother, longer and tastier variety. They had some devious infusion of oil in them too.

This meal looked extremely simple, like big chunks of bland stuff, but was actually very well done.

Vanilla Bean Parfait

Spiced praline, raspberry sorbet, jam.

I toppled the tower of praline, and then went “num num num” into its side. The praline was very smooth and creamy, and went perfectly with the cream sauce in the plate, and with the granola shrapnel covering the praline. The sorbet was very sweet, and also went nicely with the cream sauce. The little dollop of jam got lost in the sorbet. Not as good as Kenji’s insane panna cotta, but better than all other desserts I’ve had.