North Restaurant

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At North, which I believe is the only operating restaurant in the Adelaide Casino right now.

I was here before their closing time last night, but they had already closed.

Five-spiced duck breast

Confit duck boudin, buttered spinach, duck fat potatoes.

The duck slices are juicy and tasty, and have a strong spice flavour. The Kipfler potatoes underneath are pretty plain.

The little boudins (sausages) are full of shredded duck, but have a crispy outside that's oversalty, and so cooked that it has the texture of the overcooked and crispy fat you'd find at the edge of a lamb chop.

Vanilla nougat and citrus iced terrine

Citrus jelly, milk chocolate ganache, almond praline.

The citrus obelisk has a nice milky, chocolatey taste, with a hint of mint. It's a sorbet, not an ice cream, which provides an interesting texture here.

The little slabs of jelly taste unsweetened, like they're just made with water, fruit juice, and gelatine. I'm not sure what they're doing here, but their mild fruit flavours are interesting to analyse, if not eat.

The almond praline is very thick, and not outrageously sweet. By dipping each spoonful in the almond and toffee bits, it keeps the texture interesting from bite to bite.

:( :( :(