The O Hotel

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Last restaurant in North Adelaide in my Top 50 run. Parking is slightly easier at the end of O'Connell St. than in the middle of the restaurant cluster.

Char-Grilled Atlantic Salmon

served with warm green beans topped with herb butter.

This is a surprisingly simple dish. The salmon has no detectable seasoning other than the herb butter. Unless I cut off a carefully-sized piece if the herb butter, I'm just eating cooked fish. It's a bit like eating tuna out of a can. The slight grilled taste just doesn't add anything as the sole significant taste. It just makes the fish taste slightly burnt.

The herb butter has a strong tartare sauce-like taste, but there's not very much of it.

Warm Apple Cake

layered with apples and with masala wine glaze and vanilla ice cream.

If this is any temperature other than warm, such as "hot" or "cold", I will be angry.

On its own, the cake is pleasant but unexciting. It has the regular taste of a denser sponge cake, but isn't very sweet. An outer sprinkle of sugar crystals adds a small amount of crunch.

The mild flavours and textures of the cake and its apple pieces are much nicer when combined with the sweetness of the ice cream.

Not a huge amount to say here. This was very simple, acceptable food, but is more sling the lines of better pub food than fine dining. The upside of this simplicity is that they can serve your feed very quickly.

Speed of feed delivery