Osteria Oggi

This Mediterranean restaurant is fairly new. As I understand it, it was named after the insane ramblings of a madman. :)

I ask for a table for one, and am seated next to someone at the front bar. I assume this is while I wait for them to prepare a table, but it isn't. Eventually, I ask some questions, and am transferred to one of the many proper tables.

The waiter approaches my table. "Have you been specialised?" he asks.

I pause for a moment.

He then explains the specials to me, recommending the blue swimmer crab tagliatelle.

The waiter later visits me at my table, and asks if "that's okay", pointing to my two drinks. I reply that it is, and so he brings me a duplicate of the tray of bread another waiter had already brought me. I alert him to this, but it's okay for me to keep the bread… because my meal will be arriving soon… :|


Blue swimmer crab, blackened corn, black garlic puree.

The pasta has a very strong —but pleasant— seafood flavour. The blackened corn must be so blackened that it has turned yellow again. It just seems like regular corn, but with the occasional black dot here and there. This corn does add another pleasant flavour, however.

Poached peach… I mean caramelised fig

I don't want to encourage illegal poaching of peaches, but the waiter recommends this one.

15 minutes later, I'm told they're out of peaches. The peach probably hid in the undergrowth, and avoided capture.

Figs are a fairly delicate taste. The inside is just slightly sweet, and the skin is just slightly bitter.

On their own, these cooked figs aren't too bad. However, the butterscotch ice cream, when added, completely washes away the figs, leaving just little pockets of squishy texture, and bitter taste.

:( :( :(
Some communication issues. :)