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A bit noisy here. Nothing outrageous, but it’s something worth considering.


Asked for something interesting that people like. Apparently the ravioli is it.
Meat filled, topped with a rosé sauce, cherry tomatoes, oregano, mozzarella and shaved parmesan.

Hmm. I guess this is what happens when I go down the price scale, and eat Italian food. I end up with a plate of average pasta. This was just some pleasant-tasting ravioli in a tomatoey sauce. It had no discernable texture outside what could be expected of pasta. Daniel only feeds upon the finest feeds now. Not sure that I could ever go back to the old all-you-can-eat now.


Pavlova filled with mascarpone, fresh strawberries, passionfruit coulis and banana.

I was told this pavlova was interesting. It was interesting in that it failed to be interesting. This was just a regular pavlova, arranged into a stack, and missing a few components. It was nice to have less cream, and more meringue and custard. The shards of toffee in the top of this dessert didn’t add anything, and toffee can’t be eaten with anything. I don’t mind pavlova, so this dessert wasn’t all that bad.

Should cost a fair bit less for average fare like this.