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The place is very busy, so I'm seated outside. It's a very enclosed verandah, so it's nice enough.

The various menus all put (par:ee,zeez) prominently under the name of the restaurant. I'm not sure that this is useful information for patrons. Probably best to name your restaurant something phonetic. (Or just put up with the mispronunciations.) :)

Scallopina Limone

Milk fed veal pan fried with sautéed spinach, sweet potato, mash and a garlic and lemon sauce.

The whole feedpile sits in a mild lemony sauce. I taste the meat. It has no taste other than that of the small amount of lemon that has sept into it. There's no crispy exterior or anything. The meat looks like it's been cooked in liquid.

The surrounding sweet potato mash is very runny, but has some flavourful onion or spring onion in it, for taste.

The best part of the dish is the sautéed spinach. The young leaves are sweet and tasty, and actually go well with the lemon sauce.

The upside of not having any flavour is that the meat doesn't taste bad. :)

Home made Tira mi sù

Sponge fingers dipped in Parisi's secret liqueur combination and layered with sweet mascarpone and finished with chocolate powder.

I asked if this was a special tiramisu, or just a regular one. It seems it's fairly normal. It has less of a coffee taste, and isn't sopping wet. I don't taste much liqueur, but the overall dessert is mildly-flavoured and pleasant.