Parlamento on Urbanspoon

Parlamento is opposite the casino. I've been here a few times before, must often in search of feed, after going to a series of other restaurants nearby, only to find they don't exist. Since then, Parlamento has moved up to Urbanspoon's "$$$" category, making it fancy enough for me to review. :)

Lamb cutlets

Oven-baked "porcini mushroom-crusted" lamb cutlets with tomato, olive oil, garlic — served on pea mint mash.

The lamb chops are big and meaty. They're juicy and well-infused with the tomato and garlic.

The juice also pervades the pleasant pea mash below, giving it a strong salty, garlicky flavour.

Semifreddo allo zabaglione

Zabaglione parfait made with egg, Marsala, vanilla and double cream — served with a Marsala syrup.

This is basically a giant brick if honey ice cream. The syrup doesn't taste much different from maple syrup, and doesn't add anything at all.

The irrelevant strawberry and cream are slightly more interesting than the main part of the dessert.

:( :( :(