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There's been a bit of buzz about this relatively new restaurant. The place looks a bit warehouse-y, but is packed. I'm seated on a stool, at a kind of bar.

Armenian Lamb Soldiers

Tomato & pomegranate salsa, garlic yoghurt & fried almonds.

I didn't know that they used lambs as soldiers in Armenia.

I'm told that most things here are infested with coriander. Coriander is fine for most people, but for the 5% of the population that can taste it, it's a pervasive chemical taste that must be avoided completely. This lamb is free from infestation.

I'm served the dish, and it contains coriander. The waitress confirms that it doesn't have coriander in it, but I insist that it does. She takes the back, and says she'll bring me one without.

Turns out there was coriander in one of the sauces.

I order something different, just to be sure.

This dish isn't included in my rating.

Vietnamese beef

The beef has a very thin but crispy skin. The spring onions and garlic are very strong, but they add a real punch to the beef.

There are a lot of very strong flavours here. There's at least one giant mint leaf for every bite, and lots of pieces of bitey onion. There's also chilli here.

I think the mint is just a bit too much. The beef is almost undetectable under all these nuclear flavours.


w Turkish Delight Ice cream, rhubarb, pistachios.

The Turkish Delight ice cream has that really strong rose water taste. I haven't had it in ice cream before, but it works well.

It takes a moment to find the kataifi, hidden amongst the birds nest if extras in here.

I can't guarantee I've found it yet. I think I've found some chocolate mousse, some very tasty bits of rhubarb, nuts, berries, and the strawy bits.

There are a lot of components here. I mix them all. They're all mild, not-too-sweet flavours, but it ends up being a kind of a muesli of dessert.

I'm not sure how the pile if nuts and red sauce are supposed to participate in my feeding experience, so I just leave them.

I never find the kataifi.

Update: I'm told the kataifi is the strawy bit, not the custard! I'm used to kataifi being a custard with strawy bits.

:( :( :(
Parking. At its most expensive near Hindley St.
:( :(
Coriander capers