The Playford

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Just mopping up a few restaurants I missed on my previous runs.

This is the restaurant in the base of the Playford Hotel, on North Terrace.

Things are getting fancy in here. :)

Sumac crusted Fleurieu Lamb cutlets

Baba ghanoush, broccolini, peas, lemon and bean salad.

Eavesdropped conversation of the evening: people talking loudly about apps. Another guy next to me is not appy about this, and lets me know he's moving away from the conversation.

The cutlets are juicy and tasty, but there's a slightly sour juice in the bottom of the plate. It might be a sauce, but it might be lemon juice from the lemon salad.

The cutlets have a huge amount of fat and bone, so there's really not quite enough meat here. Maybe six mouthfuls.

I eat the meat with the baba ganoush, but it only adds a slight, sour taste that just interferes with the nice taste of the meat itself.

This dish is half way between lamb cutlets and Middle Eastern food. They should just add more meat, pita bread, and some tahini.

Orange crème brûlée

Lime and orange, lemon sherbet.

The custard is pasty and smooth, but the highlight here is the line of sherbet. Maybe some of the patrons at the hotel would snort this garnish, but I chose to eat it. It adds a powerful tang to the custard, and with the sweetness of the toffee, it tastes very lolly-like.

The tang of the candied rinds also contributes to make this an atypical crème brûlée experience. It's all very crunchy and tangy, and the custard becomes invisible. Most creme bruleex are all about the custard.

:( :(