The Pot Food & Wine

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This place is always full. It's one of the few places I'd recommend booking.

I find myself sitting at the bar once again.

Thirty seconds later, and I've been promoted to a table. :)

Char-grilled salmon belly

Golden egg, black vinegar caramel, chilli, shallot, coriander (exorcised).

The fish is rather soft. There's no batter or crispy skin. It looks grilled, but has the texture of boiled fish. It has only a faint taste of fish-and-chip-shop fish, but less texture. The chillis and shallots don't really add much of a taste. I crack open the egg, in search of flavour (or a baby dinosaur), but I find neither. The sloppy egg yolk doesn't add any flavour or useful texture.

The black vinegar caramel adds a bit of a soy sauce taste, but there's not much of it.

The hunk of iceberg lettuce is probably the least-impressive salad I've ever had. It's only made edible by the bit of vinegar that was on it.

Peanut butter parfait

Chocolate sorbet, salted caramel, cocoa nib crumble & pistachio praline.

This is reasonably good. The chocolate on top, the peanut underneath, and the salted caramel sauce form a kind of a spectrum of similar but complimentary flavours. Having said that, I've seen this combination executed better elsewhere. There's not much salted caramel here, and none of the other flavours really pop either. It's just a nice combination.

I perform a post-mortem on the dessert, and discover that the chocolate layer isn't too much different from regular chocolate ice cream, but the peanut layer has a nice, strong, sweet, peanut taste.