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Press* is unique for both its seating arrangement - long tables of patrons too close to each other - and its unnecessary use of an asterisk.

This place also does a lot of raw meat and offal.

I'll be doing a kind of Tapas deal tonight.

Aperol-cured salmon

Crème fraîche, dill, fennel.

I won't quibble if they want to serve me a bit of raw salmon. I've got bigger fish to fry.

This is surprisingly mild. There's no strong flavour here. Just a slight, pleasant vegetables and cream taste. It's strong enough to overpower the salmon, which adds its squishy texture. It's like a big pile of savoury bubble gum.

That was a very interesting textural experience.

Wood-grilled squid

Smoked hummus.

Squid is often very boring, owing to its inherent lack of flavour. Here, a lot of flavour has been added by grilling, and the spices and paprika-infused hummus adds more.

The squid isn't just squid rings. It's the tentacles. It looks like some sea monster has invaded my plate. This slice of lemon could be a ship! Whoosh!!! Aargh!!! All pips on deck!

Honeycomb nougat glacé

Raspberries, white chocolate ganache.

This is a kind of an ice cream with a honeycomb base. It's nice and sweet, and the base has a good honey taste. However, the giant shards of nutty honeycomb don't really go with anything. The potent taste of honey is eventually too much for me, and I stop eating the shards.

I only ate two main courses tonight. I intentionally under-eat. I expect people would usually eat three main courses here. At roughly $20 each, that's probably going to be expensive. If I stuffed my face every time I did a Feed Report, I'd be a walrus by now. :)

:( :(
:( :(
Lack of personal space