Publishers Hotel

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I'm on my new Feed Report annual cycle now. However, this new place has popped up, so I thought I'd start here.

My Diet Coke is forgotten by the waiter, but the waitress happily gets it for me.

Roasted Lamb Rack

Crumbed terrine, saltbush & celeriac purée.

The meat is juicy and tasty, and has just the right amount of salt. The celeriac purée is a little bit raw-tasting, in that it has a strong planty taste. This makes it not really edible by itself, but it does to a good job as a topping for the meat

There's a funny little extra shanty of meat. I'm not sure what it's for, but I would've preferred something vegetably here.

For an expensive main course, there wasn't quite enough feed here, or enough vegetable. I could've ordered a side, but sides are rarely necessary, and this main course was already $39.

Chocolate truffle

With sour cherries.

This dessert was like any other serving of sour cherries and chocolate mousse, until a giant chocolate dome descended upon it.

Under the dome, the mousse has a very chocolatey taste, and the sour cherries add a real bitey taste, that's only just countered by the sweetness of the mousse and the chocolate dome.

There's a small amount of popping candy in here. I've seen this novelty numerous times before, and its weird popping sensation doesn't really excite me. Here, it isn't necessary, and in a small amount, is a minor annoyance.