Publishers Hotel

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The place is almost empty. Apparently a band is coming in later. I'll ask if they'd like my autograph. :)

Olives… paired with cognac

Now, I don't usually mention olives, bread, or other freebies. However, these olives come with free cognac. I don't usually drink, but I do take this opportunity to look fancy, by smelling the drink, swilling it around in the glass, and ruminating on its bouquet (or whatever you're supposed to do.)

It has "fruity characters." :|

Just like my circle of friends. :)

Charcoal spatchcock

Grilled apricots, poached spring onion, wild rice pilaf.

There aren't many non-steak choices, but the waitress goes through some of them for me.

Chicken is rarely much more than chicken, but the wild rice pilaf here is more interesting. Because it's entirely black, it's difficult to know what it is. It's full of chewy white rice, but it has an interesting sweetness from the tiny apricots, which would have been onions in most dishes.

There's also some cooked plums here, where other dishes might've used tomatoes.

A very interesting and fruity dish.

The manager introduces himself, and then returns with the chef, to introduce him, and recommend the lamington. :)


Chocolate mousse, truffle, toasted coconut.

This has some strong chocolate tastes, without being a sickly slab of mousse.

The raspberry inside the lamington adds a adds a strong tang to the dessert.

This is actually not a lamington at all, but I feel like I'm eating one.

The star here is the big shreds of crispy coconut. I don't think I would've been happy with the low-impact coconut sprinkles found on a regular lamington.

:) :)
Very friendly waitress