Red Ochre

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No street numbers here, but I guessed the turn-off correctly. Good parking on-site however – and that’s a big issue for restaurants up here. Nice view over Torrens and city. Waiter is my neighbour.


With ragu of duy puy lentils, spiced carrot, drunken pear, orange blossom water & cardamon sauce.
Take that, Skippy.

The giant shank of kangaroo was juicy and perfectly cooked, except for the end bit, which was a bit bloody. The other components of this dish weren’t as good. The lentils were a little bit hard, the drunken pears were desserty and irrelevant to the dish, and a horrifying fragment of coriander was lurking in the unexciting carrot sauce.


With quandong jam, cinnamon zabaglione with lemon & wild lime gelato. Yes, muntries is allowable in Scrabble.

While visually interesting, this dessert wasn’t anything special, in terms of actually tasting good. The apple pie was fairly bland, and it didn’t really go with the central smear of quandong and muntry sauce. A woman with an incessant machine-gun laugh is annoying me. Good. She’s going now. Back to the dessert, the lime gelato, while unrelated to anything else, has an interesting spicy taste. This dish was the perfect combination of excellent components into an average and disconnected dessert.