Red Ochre

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Overlooking the Torrens here. Probably the second best restaurant in Adelaide, in terms of scenic views. (Windy Point being #1.)

Native Dukkah Lamb Backstrap

Served pink with ras al hanout spiced shoulder, smashed peas, native currant jus, yoghurt snow, preserved citrus & parsley salad.

The meat of the blackstrap is very juicy and tasty, but it needs a proper sauce. The brown sauce in the bottom of the plate is just slightly salty, and not much else.

The ras el hanout shoulder is a brick of shredded meat. It's much more cooked than the blackstrap, and has some of the meaty taste and teeth-stick- together-ness of slow-cooked meat. It too has a pleasant meaty flavour, but no sauce.

I try to eat the mushy peas with the meat—maybe they're the sauce!—but they don't add anything.

Red Ochre native brulee trio

Sunrise lime & ginger: I don't taste any lime or ginger in this. That being said, the custard is very thick, has a nice consistency, and is very flavourful. The thin layer of toffee on top might have something limy or gingery in it, because it's toffee flavour is slightly unusual. I'm not sure. 8/10

Dark chocolate wattleseed: The chocolate here is like dark chocolate mousse. It has that cocoaey taste. There's nothing wrong with mousse, but a fancier flavour would've been nicer here. Also, this flavour doesn't really work for a brulee. The toffee crust doesn't add any new flavour. Just more chocolate. 6/10

Almost forgot. This is supposed to contain wattleseed. If it's there, I can't detect it.

Davidson plum: The custard here isn't the same as the custard in the lime and ginger brulee. It has a stronger taste. I can see flecks in it. Possibly cinnamon.

Underneath this, is a reservoir of a plum syrup. It adds a nice fruity flavour tang to the sweet custard, and an interesting liquid texture. 9/10