Red Ochre

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Unlike Shrek, who is a green ogre, Red Ochre is a restaurant specialising in native cuisine.

The waitress welcomes me back.

I'm perched at the edge of the room, looking down on the fountain in the River Torrens.

"It's lemon myrtle flavoured"

That's the whole description I was given, regarding this palate cleanser.

This is like gelati, but slightly less sweet. It's got coarse pulverised lemon myrtle leaf in it, which is interesting, but I need to spit out a whole lot of "bits".

Murray valley pork loin

Apple & caramelised onion puree celeriac, fennel & native Apple remoulade.

The waitress tells me this dish is to die for. I prefer to pay with PayPass.

The meat is juicy and tasty, and the incinerated herbs on its surface add more taste. It sits in the remoulade — a kind of apple sauce, but with less apple, and a strange bite.

The slaw is full of chewy celeriac. It's an unusual rubbery texture, but it's a pleasant way to eat vegetables.

Macadamia, chocolate & honey nougat parfait

The parfait is essentially ice cream, with some chocolate bits in it. None of it has much taste. The dollop of chocolate has a bit of a cocoa flavour, and the little bit of caramel is rough and full of sugar grains. I can detect a small amount of salt in it.

I've had honey popcorn before, but it usually costs two dollars, and comes in a clear plastic bag.

I decide to bank the calories, and stop eating this half-way.

My guess is they refund dessert, given my feedback, and the fact I left half of it on the plate.

Nope. No refund. My psycho powers have failed. :)

View over the Torrens