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At Redsalt, the restaurant at the base of the Crowne hotel. I'm being difficult, and asking lots of questions about everything. :)

Parking in the city is always painful, except for in the south-eastern part of the city. I managed to find a park, but I should've just given up much earlier and used a car park.

250G veal cutlet

Sage, buttered green beans, sauce vierge.

The meat is soft and squishy, and has a slight onion flavour from the kind of salsa that sits atop it.

The meat is juicy and flavourful, and the slight sear it has just adds an extra, more cooked flavour.

Medium rare is definitely the way to eat meat, if you ask me. It's cooked enough and isn't bloody, but it maintains more texture and flavour than a grey-brown fossilised lamb chop. Whenever I'm asked how I want meat cooked, and I ask in response "what do you recommend?", I'm always told "medium rare".

I expect the beans to be boring, but they're madeuch more interesting by the addition of a generous amount of salt, pepper, and butter.

Lime panna cotta

Summer berries, river mint.

I've never had a panna cotta with liquid in it before. The liquid is full of liminess and mintiness, two strong flavours which are far too strong for the panna cotta to be tasted beneath.

The texture of the panna cotta is also eradicated by the liquid. I don't mind if the taste of the panna cotta is outdone by something else, but if it's texture is absent too, it might as well not be there.

This dessert isn't bad, but it doesn't really qualify as a panna cotta. It tastes more like tropical fruit and cream would taste.

:( :(
Parking. Possibility of getting park further south or east.
Helpful staff