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On Hindmarsh Square.

Goat cheese and lime ravioli

Butternut squash purée, sage and toasted pine nuts.

It's recommended I order a side dish with this, because it's not huge. I have my own idea for a side dish — 'zert!!!

Ten minutes later, a waiter offers me bread. I only have bread when it's complimentary, so in this case, I have to ask "Um, is it free?" :)

The lime is a real hit here. It's very easy for pasta to be very boring. The lime is a bit too strong for me, but it seems like a natural part of the dish. It's a perfect counterpart to the creamy and strongly-flavoured squash.

The pine nuts are also a welcome addition, adding some depth in the texture department.

Just a little bit too sour to be great.

Banana tart tatin

Havana club ice cream and banana chip.

This is like a little pizza.

The waitress was right. She prefers this with vanilla ice cream, rather than rum ice cream. The rum ice cream isn't your typical Rum 'n' Raisin. It's ice cream with a significant amount if real rum in it. I don't mind this taste, but it completely boots out all other tastes here.

The rest of this 'zert isn't amazing. It's cooked banana atop a sweet crumbly pastry. The pastry has sultanas and dates in it, but they seem out if place here.

The rum ice cream eventually melts, and pollutes the whole dessert, so I abandon it.

:( :(
Service. Waitress happy to discuss menu items at length. Other staff very courteous.