Regatta’s Bistro + Bar

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On the Torrens again. A small number of restaurants along here I haven’t quite exhausted yet.

Barossa Valley Poussin

Roasted breast, confit leg, bread sauce, sprouts & game chips.
Side serve of broccolini.

The chicken here is fairly plain. It’s not unpleasant, but is more like chicken shop chicken. It’s on the tough side, and has a light batter, and lots of salt. The potato chips are a little on the burnty side, but again not bad. The shredded cabbage is fairly bland, and the unknown white sauce has no real flavour either. The occasional bacon cube has a much stronger taste – the taste of a cube of bacon.

Time to start hoeing into this massive thatch of broccolini.

Pain Perdu

Maple & pecan ice cream.

This was like a big slab of doughnut, but not as sweet. The chewy and airy texture was interesting, but this lacked sweetness or any strong taste. With more sweetness and some strong flavour (e.g. cinnamon), this would have been a bit more exciting.

Mmmm… bready.