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In the Adelaide Hills, I drive into a hotel complex. I drive up a hill lined with upmarket holiday bungalows, and reach the newly-built restaurant at the top.

Inside, the place is spacious and new, and feels like a cross between a ski lodge and a convention centre.

There's a lot of pedestrian stuff (steaks, pasta, pizzas) on this menu, but the waitress is happy to go through the other choices with me.

I'm assured that the pork ribs are excellent.


Chef's pork ribs, in our own rub & smothered with smoky BBQ sauce.

I'm not sure how to eat this. I might go out into the forest and ask a wolf for some tips.

At first, this is a bit laborious. It's only about 10% meat, but this keeps me entertained.

The ribs have a sauce that tastes like barbecue sauce, chilli, vinegar and fruit. It's a bit tangy, but pleasant enough.

At the end, I attempt to use the finger bowl, but it's useless. I need a finger, hand, forearm and face bowl. I pay my respects to the spirit of the pig, and head to the bathroom, to wash off.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

This is more of a warm sponge cake than a pudding. The sauce has a mild caramel taste, but nothing here is exceptional.

Service very friendly, though slightly slow. Probably need more staff