Rice Chinese Cuisine

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I'm here, at Rice. I'm hoping to be served an entire meal, but if I just get rice, I'll understand.

Crispy Plum Beef

Deep fried shredded steak fillets with plum sauce & topped with sesame seeds.

I'm recommended a few things from the menu, but this is one that "Western people like". As much as I want to be some kind of connoisseur of authentic feeds, I think I'll just stick to the "un-cultured Aussie yobbo" section of the menu for now. :)

I had to specifically require rice with this, which is lucky, because the beef is just a giant plate of meat. There are no vegetables here.

The beef is very crispy, and the plum gives the crispy exterior a slight sweet and sour taste.

While the beef was tasty, what I've been served is way out if proportion for a meal. If I'd been here with a group of people, four such dishes might've been appropriate. But having a very large serving of just beef, for one person, isn't really a meal.

Fried milk

Fried milk???

Apparently, it's coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk, fried.

These little nuggets have a crispy texture, and a kind of solid custardy stuff inside. The problem here is that there's not much taste. There's a faint taste of coconut, but nothing else. I wanted the nice texture here to be matched by a strong flavour.

I'll eat these custardy logs tomorrow. I put them in my bag, and take custody of them.