Ristorante Allegria

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There's not much in the way of fancy restaurants up here, but as you know, I'm running out of places to go.

The floor is tiled, and there are numbers on the tables. It's neat, but fairly basic.

Osso buco in bianco

Slow cooked veal shin bone blended with vegetables and herbs in a Chardonnay reduction, served with polenta.

The waiter deposits the fairly large dish on my table.

"Now that's a feed!" The roaming head waiter interjects. I don't think they say that at Penfolds Magill Estate. :)

The meat is like a giant, slightly coarse chop. It's infused with a tomato and thyme taste. It would be good home cooking, but is acceptable as restaurant fare.

The brick of polenta has a light herbiness to it, but it's not enough. I regard unadulterated polenta to be similar to a boiled potato. It's just not interesting enough.


Recommended by both the waiter, and the interloping head waiter.

Another dessert on the menu is the Postre Chaja, described as "irresistible". I have resisted it. Quite easily.

What would happen if two desserts were irresistible??? Gluttony? :|

This tiramisu is surrounded by spongy wafers, and is topped with shards of chocolate, and some cream. This deviates somewhat from the standard tiramisu formula, but I will allow it. :)

The thicker-than-usual cream adds interesting texture, but I'd prefer a small amount of alcohol, and a bit less coffee. :)