The Royal Oak Hotel

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More North Adelaide. There’s a nest of eateries I’m going through up here.

This is another sixties retro decor place. I’m currently sitting on the removed front seat of a Kingswood, and eating from a laminated table with a metal strap around its edges. I remember this stuff! When I was a kid, this was the old crap no one wanted.

Chicken roulade

With feta, sun-dried tomato & Moroccan-spiced pumpkin mash, finished with tzatziki.

The chicken is infused with a light, zesty spice, but is otherwise fairly plain, with no different taste or texture on its surface. The wisps of spinach are lost here, and the big central block of feta doesn’t enhance the chicken in any way. The tart tzatziki doesn’t add anything to the chicken either.

The inexplicable mass of pumpkin here is as pleasant as mushed pumpkin can be, but, like all the other components of this dish, it doesn’t go with anything else.

Waiter took my main course plate, and I agreed that I’d like dessert straight away. Still waiting, half an hour later.

Story is they’re making it from scratch, so it will be extra good.

Lemon Pudding

With lemon caramel.

The pudding is doughy but pleasant as a base for some other flavour. The sauce in the bottom of the plate is probably straight lemon juice, with a small amount if honey. It’s pretty sour. In a tiny dose, with a large gob of ice cream, it’s good. Otherwise it completely overwhelms the ice cream and the fairly bland, pancaky-tasting pudding. SOUUUUUUUR. :$