Ruby Red Flamingo

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This place is a very big old house, with garden. It's been converted into a funky Italian restaurant.

There are no tables free, so I'm redirected upstairs to a room that's half like a bar, and half like someone's loungeroom.

Also, a major discovery. There's a car park with two free hours. It's off Archer St. It's perfect for feeders like me.

I'm taken to a table. I'm outside, in the garden, under a marquee. At 32°, it's a nice night for dining "al". There are probably a hundred people at this restaurant right now.

Pork Ribeye

The pork here is infused with a mild "charred" flavour. The grapes add a winy flavour to the meat, but meat+grapes is slightly odd.

This is like home cooking. It's very simple, and tasty.

The mashed potato is surprisingly simple. I think it just has a dash of nutmeg.

I know why these grapes are so winy! They're soaked in wine!

How devious.

Semi freddo di zabaione

I can't really taste any egg in the zabaglione. This is basically ice cream, packed with as much crushed peanut as possible. It doesn't have any discernible flavours. The cocoa-flavoured chocolate sauce doesn't add much either.

The glacé cherries add the occasional burst of actual flavour.

Atmosphere and setting
:( :(
Parking, Menu on far wall. Not very convenient.