SAH Mediterranean

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Parking impossible up here, at the heart of O’Connell St, on a Saturday night. It’s as bad as the north of the CBD, but with no car parks.

Tapas tonight. Eating two different dishes as main course.

Tempura sweet potato slices

Tossed in garlic & rosemary with a cumin yoghurt dip.

I wasn’t expecting these to be as good as they were. They had been fried, and were extra-crispy on the outside. The chips themselves had a salty, rosemary taste, but the rosemary was somewhat overpowered by the dipping sauce’s much stronger cumin taste. Probably the best “chips” I’ve had.

Seared lamb blackstrap shaslicks

With caramelised onion, potato and cumin.

These bits of lamb and potato are tasty, but they really need a sauce. I was eating them with the sauce that belonged to the chips, but the waiter informed me that the sauce wasn’t made for the lamb. The cumin taste here was much more mild, with the main taste being a strong garlic taste. The little cubes of potato were salty and crispy.

‘zert time!

Fried ice cream

Fried panko & coconut crumbed vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce & toasted desiccated coconut.

I cut into the corner of this odd-looking dessert, and a sea of beige melted ice cream spewed out to colonise my plate. The texture on the crust was unusual. It was the texture of the batter of a Sea Shanty or fish finger, but sweeter. With the sprinkle of coconut on top, it was a very novel experience. The ice cream inside was smooth and soft, and the caramel sauce was just the right intensity and amount to go with the ice cream and its crust.