Sah Modern Mediterranean

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This place's specialty is Tapas (little plates of feed), but they also do paella and other typical Spanish stuff.

Service here is always very friendly and helpful. I'm trying two different tapas dishes tonight.

Crispy chicken with lemon and cumin salt

*Knock knock*

These are nice, soft chunks of chicken, with a crispy exterior. However, the exterior isn't chicken skin or batter. It's just the outside of the chunk of chicken. The generous amount of salt is good here. I don't get a huge taste of lemon or cumin, but it's there.

Sautéed green beans

With garlic, chilli and anchovy.

I didn't read the "chilli" bit, so I won't mark them down for this being a bit too spicy for me. The beans are just beans, but the anchovy taste here is very unusual and interesting. I keep feeling like I'm eating something other than beans.

Ice cream

A selection of three house-made ice creams or sorbets.

The eight flavours all look good to me, so I ask the waitress to pick the ones she likes. It has to be better than choosing randomly myself. :)

Banana chocolate swirl: This has a strong "banana cake" taste. This taste overpowers the chocolate, but the chocolate does add a bit of a smooth texture. 7/10

Fig & pistachio praline: I'm immediately hit by a very strong and pleasant fig flavour. I couldn't imagine a fig flavour better than this. The ice cream is thick and creamy, and the little fig pieces and seeds are interesting when embedded in this texture. 9/10

Apple and cinnamon: This is a sorbet, and doesn't have a taste as strong as those of the fig. However, the taste is very refreshing. The cinnamon is as strong as the apple, and the whole thing is sweet and watery. It also looks a bit like a little apple. 8/10

This dessert was much better than I had expected. I only chose it because all the other choices were things is already had …or were "churros" (Spanish "doughnuts".)

Friendly, helpful service
:( :(