Salopian Inn

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With its low-rise buildings and crap roads, McLaren Vale feels more like a country town than a suburb of Adelaide.

The restaurant is an old house, with an industrial kitchen grafted onto it.

Roasted market fish (Tommy ruff)

Braised zucchini, olive salad & slow roasted tomato dressing.

This is an unusual but interesting way to serve fish. It's in a big stack, with zucchini and butternut pumpkin. The fish doesn't have a particularly strong flavour. The vegetables have a somewhat similar texture to the fish, and significantly dilute its flavour. It's a fairly pleasant pile of feed


but the capers, olives and basil leaves pop in to add a bit of flavour.

Ice cream sandwich

Salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, almond praline.

This is like a Violent Crumble, but with ice cream, and much more peaceful. Something in here has a very tasty salted caramel taste.

The slab of ice cream is too big, but I'm happy to lap up this plate of high-quality McDonalds sundae. :)

Under the restaurant is a wine dungeon. It's where evil wine goes. I explore it for thirty seconds.

Service, interesting surrounds