Samui Thai

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After a quick coriander interrogation, I choose the duck.

I think Thailand is the epicentre of both spiciness and coriander, so I need to be careful here. :)

Tamarind duck

Crispy boneless duck breast fillets, drizzled with caramelised tamarind sauce and crispy shallot, served with green vegetables.

The crispy crust of the duck is good. It's a bit like KFC duck. The whole meal has a sweet and sour sauce, but this sauce is just too strong. If I don't sufficiently mix it in with other things, it's sickeningly strong.

Despite that taste, the dish over all was fairly pleasant.

Black sticky rice

Coconut infused sticky rice.

The sticky rice is almost savoury, but it has an interesting sticky texture. The idea is that it's to be mixed with the coconut custard.

The coconut custard has a consistency more like porridge. It's sweet, but not hugely so, and its creamy coconut taste is surprisingly potent and tasty.

The sweetness of the custard is barely enough to sweeten the rice, but all mixed together, it's still fairly pleasant.