Samurai Teppanyaki House

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After last night’s feed-tastrophe, where I went to three restaurants that either weren’t restaurants, didn’t exist, or were duplicates if restaurants I’d already been to, I’m glad to now be at an actual restaurant.

Most people are seated around a central area, where chefs cook things on giant hotplates.

No orange juice here. Have to make do with “Fruiz”. :|

Have gone for the Samurai Classic “plan”. This will include a variety of dishes.

Until that arrives, I’ll just sip my “Fruiz”. :|

Miso Soup and Beans

Waiter tells me to peel the beans, and suggests just drinking the soup. I’ve had these beans elsewhere, and they neglected to tell me this. I did not enjoy those very stringy beans.

Beans are soft, and I extract them easily, using both mouth and paws. They don’t really have a taste. They might be slightly buttery.

The miso soup is warm and pleasant, and has a mild tofu taste.

Deep-fried Beans, Sweet Potato, Capsicum, Prawns

This was served almost immediately after my miso and beans arrived, so it wasn’t piping hot when I commenced feeding upon it. We’ll ignore the fact that I spent a good minute or two typing this report in the interim. Nothing here was all that exciting. The battered bits of sweet potato were just slightly too solid, and the beans were just battered beans. The prawns were nice and soft, and were much more appropriate for this kind if batter treatment. They also had a hidden pile of tangy mustard sauce underneath them.

Moreton Bay Bugs

These smell strange.

The bugs are like prawns, but less chewy. They don’t have a strong taste, but are nice when dipped in the soy sauce. I never quite manage to eat them with the bowl of rice.


Dishes arriving too fast now.

The beef has a light-coloured sauce with it, but it’s hard to discern any strong taste in this sauce. It’s very slightly peanutty, and somewhat salty. I mix some if these beef pieces in my rice, but they just don’t have a huge amount of flavour.

Bok Choi with Shiitake Mushrooms

The bok choi here is possibly the least stringy bok choi I’ve had. It has maintained it’s heat sufficiently while I’ve eaten the other things. The bok choi itself is juicy and unstringy, but the sauce is like concentrated soy sauce. It varies in intensity, but in many places is just too strong.

Nothing in this meal was that great. For people who don’t go to fancy restaurants much, this might be interesting, but for my fancy palate, it’s all pretty plain and simple. It was also a bit too much food, and I was fairly hungry. I’d recommend the $29 meal, rather than the $55 one. At least I had my “Fruiz”. :|

No room for dessert.