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Have decided to head into town via ye olde train this evening. I'm going to the casino, and I paid $21 parking last night, near Rundle Mall.

It's been so long since I've used public transport that I don't know how it all works. A helpful peasant woman points me to the ticket machine.

I arrive safely at the restaurant. This used to be "North", which was an excellent restaurant in its own right. Then some guy called "Sean" took over. :(

This place is in Urbanspoon's "$$$$" category, among the fanciest ten restaurants in Adelaide.

I'm upstairs in a long vault cellar. It's dark, and reminds me of a cinema. The acoustics are terrible. The mildly excited group of middle-aged ladies at the neighbouring table are painfully loud at times.

Richard Gunner's pork chop

Spiced apples and pears.

+ cabbage & Parmesan slaw.

There's a lot of fairly mundane stuff on this menu. A casino is a place for people with no taste, and lots of money.

The giant, juicy pork chop is perfectly cooked all the way through. It's surprisingly uniform.

Now, I'm pretty sure this amazing cuisine is actually just a pork chop with curry powder on it. My mum does the same thing with chops. However, I'm not concerned with the cooking of the food—only the taste.

The apple and pear just add a hint of an apple-sauce flavour.

The slaw is interesting. The cabbage and onion are somewhat muted by the Parmesan, so the whole thing tastes like a uniform bowl of slightly-tangy crunch. Its slivered texture gives it no real sensation either. It's just crunchy, textureless stuff. Not unpleasant, though.

Lemon meringue pie


(That's the entire description. It's not an exclamation.)

This has the simple lemon taste of most lemon meringue pies. It's quite creamy though, and the cream on top is almost marshmallowy. The freeze-dried raspberry adds a bit of a tang, but adding tang to lemon doesn't do much.

:( :( :(
Parking (obviously not for me tonight) :)