Seven Stars Hotel

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A milestone in Feed Report history has been reached.


I'm not talking about when I get things refunded. This is my first complimentary invitation to a restaurant. Lots of places have contacted me, saying "come on down anytime", but none were actually offering anything.

This place rates fairly well though, so I shouldn't find myself in the awkward situation where I have to say bad things about the feed. :)

Seven Stars is a somewhat upmarket pub. It passes the "chips test." If there are chips on the menu, it's not a fancy restaurant. Actually, there's a second, "pub" menu, with chips.

Marinated kangaroo loin

Served on beetroot skordalia with house made dukkah and a watercress & fennel salad.

Coriander check done. Waitress returns to tell me about coriander seeds in dukkah. Coriander seeds are fine.

I don't know about the visuals of serving rare meat in a bright red sauce, but I remind myself it's just beetroot. :)

The meat is somewhat chewy, but has a good amount of flavour. The skordalia - a beetroot sauce - adds its sloppy texture to the meat, but only a very mild beetroot taste. It's a bit like eating meat and mashed potato in the same mouthful. The taste is pleasant though. The dukkah adds some subtle spicy tastes. The tasty meat shines through these subtle flavours.

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Served with mixed berry compote and vanilla bean ice cream.

A great brownie isn't just a chocolate cake. In a brownie, I'm looking for something really dense, with a strong chocolate flavour. This brownie comes about half way. It's denser and chocolatier than chocolate cake, but not amazing. The ice cream is great, and the berry compote is an unusual addition. It might be slightly out of place. It turns the brownie into more of a Christmas pudding, but this Christmas pudding has a nice tangy fruit flavour. Ho ho ho.

If I was unhappy with it, I could've asked for my money back. :D