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At the Intercontinental Hotel.

This is one of the most expensive restaurants in Adelaide, other than the degustation places. It's situated next to the casino. Anyone who's just lost $10,000 at the Craps table probably isn't going to mind paying $80 for dinner.


Very fresh raw seafood finely sliced and served with soy dipping sauce and wasabi paste.

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, Queensland yellowfin tuna and kingfish.

From left to right:

Tuna, wrapped in seaweed: this has the heavy, slightly mushy taste of raw tuna. The seaweed's taste doesn't really rise above the soy sauce. 6/10

Salmon: This is a more fishy taste, and is more slippery than the tuna. 6/10

King fish: Who is the king now! Num. This fish is much more solid and gelatinous than the other two. It also has a much fainter taste. You could eat this with your eyes closed and not know it was fish. 6/10

MOAR tuna: The same as the first tuna.

Sashimi might once have seemed fancy, but these days, I just can't get excited about some raw fish. No matter the quality of the fish, the whole dish has small variations on a subtle but pleasant taste.

Vegetable tempura

I'm on a boat, m#%^+]%.

Button mushroom: The squishy mushroom isn't tasty enough to be fried. In tempura, the mushroom and crust go together to make a whole pile of weird textures, but no real taste. 4/10

The sweet potato is a more appropriate vegetable for frying. It has a bit of taste. 5/10

Pumpkin: With less taste, and a sloppier texture, this is just an inferior version of the sweet potato. 4/10

Eggplant: Even worse. Sloppy and potent. Eggplant is something seldom eaten on its own. 4/10

Technically, I've just eaten at a fancy restaurant. In reality, I've just been served raw fish, and had some vegies thrown in the deep fryer.

Home made sorbets

With seasonal froots.

The mango sorbet doesn't actually taste like mango at all. It's more like rockmelon. However, it has a strong, almost herby taste.

The coconut sorbet is surprising too. Creamy coconut pulp ice cream is common. This is more like the taste of stinking coconut water from a coconut, but sweeter. It's very refreshing, and is full of bits of coconut.

:( :( :(