Skyline Restaurant

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Back where it all began — Skyline. Two years ago, ravenous, and on the hunt for feed, I came here. I took a photo of my feed, and posted it to Facebook. That was the beginning of The Feed Report.

This place sits atop Rydges, at the intersection of West and South Terraces. The view over the parklands is nice, but I've been seated against the far wall, away from the windows.

The cordial Indian waiter recommends the wenison, so I oblige.

Venison loin sous vide

With juniper berries & sage. Jerusalem artichoke puree, artichoke crisps, radish, shallot petals, dukkah praline, Tasmanian highlands pepper leaf jus.

There are many ingredients here, but not too much taste.

The meat Is far more cooked on the outside than on the inside. The outside is well-done and crumbly like mince, while the inside is pink. The meat doesn't have any amazing flavour - it's just lightly covered in pepper.

There's a salty sauce from the meat, but the lighter artichoke puree has no taste. The radishes are like more subtle pickled onions, and do not go with the meat. There are also regular onions, cooked backyard barbecue style - partly burnt, partly raw. They'd be fine with a sausage and bread. They're not fine in fancy feed.

Strawberry parfait

Mint shortcrust crumb, coconut foam, pressed strawberries, lemon gels, vanilla bean & indigenous strawberry gum.

The dark red top of the parfait has very strong strawberry taste. It's almost like the taste of strawberry jelly. The rest of the parfait has more of a regular strawberry taste. The crumbs add interesting texture.

The indigenous strawberry sorbet isn't so ingenious. It doesn't really have a strong taste. I mistook it for ice cream. It's refreshing and pleasant nonetheless.

The lemon gels are tangy and bitey, and I'm sure they're salty as well. A good contrast to the rest of the dish, without being unpleasant.

Lots of flavours and textures here.