Sporty's Bar + Arena

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This is the big sports area at the front of The Arkaba.

The room is like a hall, and its walls are festooned with sports paraphernalia, and televised sports.

There's no fancy service here. My buzzer will start madly vibrating when my feed is ready.

Malaysian style nasi goreng

Fried rice with chicken, egg, bean shoots, peas & spring onion.

This is just a big pile of fairly flavourless feed. There's nothing unpleasant here, but cooked rice with some pieces of chicken (and fried egg) is not fine cuisine. I could get this level of cooking out of a box.

I can't taste any spices or flavours of any kind here. Even some sweet chilli sauce would be a big improvement.

Treacle date pudding

With butterscotch sauce, banana ice cream & toffee crunch.

There's gelati on the dessert section of the menu. I don't bother to ask if it's house-made. I'm pretty sure it's coming out of a bucket. :)

The pudding tastes a bit like Christmas cake. I can detect a date taste in there. The sauce has a mild butterscotch flavour too. This is all overpowered by the very strong banana ice cream.

On the plus side, this course actually has flavour(s).

I could give detailed feedback about this combination of flavours, but I'm not sure the lady at the "meal collection" window would be receptive.