Sq Restaurant

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I head to the most brightly lit table, but it burns my eyes out, so I move to an adjacent chair.

Good lighting makes for better photography. I hate having to do "dungeon photography". :)

Saltbush lamb

12 hour dry roasted lamb shoulder with roast onion and parsnip mash with heirloom tomatoes.

Oh saltbush
Saltbush city lamb-its
Num-num num
Num num-num

The lamb is on the dry side, and is a bit chewy. It has a variety of tastes, from its well-cooked centre to the crispy exterior. It's not bursting with flavour, but it has a lot more character than a lamb chop. The parsnip purée adds a mild, appropriate, vegetable taste to the meat.

This was pleasant and interesting enough, but could've used a strong flavour of some sort.

Muscatel ice cream sandwich

Grilled ice cream sandwich with ginger syrup and double cream.

This is certainly an interesting combination of textures. The big, airy, crispy toast works as a pastry here. I wasn't sure it would. There's honey everywhere, which makes this super-sweet.

There are bits of fruit in the ice cream, and these varied tastes provide the strongest tastes in the dish.

The dollop of cream is superfluous. I never want cream with ice cream, custard, or similar.

:( :(