The Stag

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This is a steakhouse.

If I buy 1kg of ribs, I get a free Jim Beam. Classy.

Ordering something that’s not steak.

Waitress takes my 90% empty Diet Coke, and asks if I’d like another. I decline, and a few minutes later I receive another drink. Was probably regular Coke.

Lamb back strap with ratatouille & choron sauce

While not unpleasantly tough, this lamb is no fine dining. They comply with my “no blood” request, by overcooking the meat. It’s a uniform grey colour all the way through. It’s been barbecued, and tastes like any slab of barbecued meat. The light, zesty sauce that tops these pieces of meat really isn’t prolific or strong enough to add anything to this family barbecue.

The ratatouille has a pickly taste, and its onion, capsicum, and eggplant make this far more interesting than a side serve of vegetables.

Chocolate brownie

with chocolate sauce, Irish Cream and Baileys & almond ice cream.

This brownie didn’t have any strong features. Its texture was homogeneous, like a chocolate cake, without any crispy bits. It also didn’t have that extremely strong chocolate taste that a good brownie has. The chocolate sauce was fairly plain, and didn’t have a taste all that much different from the brownie.