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This little restaurant is nestled amongst houses, in the suburbs if Mitcham. It's popular, so I booked tonight. I've previously just turned up, and had all kinds of cliffhanger experiences. :)

Special deal tonight. $50 for any two courses, or $60 for three. I choose main course and 'zert.

Pork fillet and maple glazed belly

w. prune, cauliflower purée, confit tomato and basil.

The little slices of pork taste more like beef. Not that this is a bad thing. The slightly syrupy brown tomato confit in the plate tastes like it came from the meat, and doesn't really add much when reunited with it.

I hoped that the cauliflower purée would add a but of taste, but it's not very strong. It tastes exactly like weak cauliflower.

The dots of fig (or maybe plum) are a much better pair for the meat, but the meat itself is nothing special.

Update: The sauce was both plum and fig. My snout is becoming finely honed. :)

The rectangle of pork belly in the middle of the plate is better. The apple slaw and almonds add soft and crunchy textures, and this pork just tastes better.

Peach bavarois

w. pistachio wafer, raspberries and lemon balm.

Free 'zert! Apparently my feedback about the pork is appreciated. :)

The poached half peach goes nicely with the fairly solid and minimally sweet custard underneath. The raspberries actually play an important role here, adding a strong flavour to the dish. I pace them out, but run out a bit too early.

Friendly waitress
:) :)
Free 'zert (I've still included its price in the total.)